The Uprising: Movie and Educational Toolkit

IHRC congratulates singer, songwriter and activist Pravini on the launch of the educational toolkit to accompany her movie The Uprising. You can find the movie and toolkit on this page or go directly to Pravini’s site here.

IHRC highly recommends this toolkit for educators looking for deoclonial pedagogical tools for the everyday classroom.

Decolonizing the Mind

This publication is a collection of concepts and activities to engage people in “decolonizing the mind”. The toolkit supports you in facilitating a process of:

  • Awareness: what is colonialism and colonial legacy and how has it shaped our worldviews and current societies?
  • Empowerment: how can we challenge colonial legacy and work towards decolonization?
  • Engagement: what does decolonization look like and how can we contribute to this process?

Based on the concepts, analysis and experiences offered in the films, this toolkit contains practical and theoretical activities to understand, apply and develop decolonial theory and practice. The toolkit is available for free.

Want to get started? Click here to download the educational toolkit for free.