First they came for Muslim women… The latest EU attacks

Women protesting racism in Hamburg (cropped), by Brainbit CC BY-NC 2.0, 2012

IHRC responds to the implications of the Advocate General’s Opinion in Joined Cases C-804/18 – IX v WABE e.V and C-341/19 MH Müller Handels GmbH v MJ.

The opinion of the Advocate General of Court of Justice of the European Union on these joined cases is yet another example of how anti- discrimination law is being subverted to serve a runaway right-wing narrative of Muslim exclusion.

Following on from and consistent with the Achbita judgment in 2017, it rides a cart and horses through the fundamental protections afforded under the ECHR’s freedom of religion statute and in doing so seeks to entrench in law the subordinate status of the Muslim community and their faith throughout the Union…

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