Implications of CST’s demonisation of Islam and Muslims


 In May 2009, IHRC published a briefing on the written work of the Community Security Trust (CST), entitled ‘Concerns regarding demonisation of Islam and Muslims by Community Security Trust publications’.

The following month the CST responded to it. Some weeks later, IHRC published a further briefing.

The CST posted a comment subsequently in August 2009, which contained no direct response to the issues raised in our second briefing or those left outstanding from our first briefing.

The purpose of this document is to put all four pieces (including that of the CST which are found on their blog) together so that they can be read with ease. The CST responses have been accessed in December 2009 for the purposes of compiling this document.

At the time of uploading this document to our website in December 2009, no response has been received from the CST with regard to the outstanding issues raised in our second briefings. We will be reiterating key elements of this in the conclusion to this document.