IHRC Newsletter 2008

newsletter 2008

This year’s issue looks at the plight of Roma in Bulgaria, after IHRC’s field trip to investigate the condistions they live in.  Read about the release of Mohammed Hussein, a British citizen imprisoned in Iraq and all but abandoned by the British government.

This year saw the tenth anniversay of IHRC and a photo review of the past decade is featured, with a look at successful campaigns like Free Al-Zakzaky! and the Malatya 75, as well as the pioneering work of iHRC with Neturei Karta and other anti-racism activists at the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) in Durban in 2001. 

Read about IHRC campaigns in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq, Malaysia, Trinidad & Tobago, UK, Bosnia, Nigeria and Bahrain.  Also find out more about our pioneering work on Darfur and on the Uighurs in China.

There’s lost more inside.  To get a hard copy of this year’s annual newsletter please email info@ihrc.org.