IHRC Newsletter 2004

 This year’s newsletter focuses on the terroristic actions of the Israeli authorities and links it to current discourses on terrorism.

Inside, we look at the second annual Islamophobia Awards, as well as other events across the year, including IHRC’s support of the anti-war protests and movement.  The newsletter gives updates on the newly launched British Muslims Expectations of the Government series, as well as the solidarity work IHRC has undertaken relating to Palestine, including its report on House Demolitions and other atrocities.


The newsletter looks at the rise of Islamophobia in the UK and Europe, as well as matters relating to discriminatory policing.  Key issues include the war on human rights by the USA administration as well as in the UK, as well as Muslim Profiling.  IHRC’s briefings and reports took on the project of Hijab and Democracy looking at the various bans and discriminatory policies sweeping Europe on the issue.

The situation in Iraq and IHRC’s participation in the Future of Iraq demonstration outside 10 Downing Street are also featured, as is our work on Darfur and Sudan.

Download the PDF and find out more.  If you want to receive a hard copy of the newsletter every year, please contact the IHRC office on +442089044222 or email info@ihrc.org.  If you want to distribute the newsletter in your area please let us know, you can distribute anything from 2 – 3 copies to several thousand.  Thank you for your support.

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