Tales of Mini Maryam

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Whether playing make believe or running around in the park, whether eating, sneezing or talking to Abu on the phone, Maryam has something unique to say and also something special to learn. Join her on her adventures and learn alongside her the short duas and invocations of everyday Muslim life.

Kosser Abdul Aziz’s debut is a collection of six lively short stories capturing the world of three year old mini Maryam. Reminding children of all ages to make Dua, be wonderful, stay amazed at the world and always seek to understand each day. With fantastic and engaging illustrations by Taha Abdalla. Read more after the page samples.

ISBN 9781909853072 / £8.99 reduced from £11.99 / 22 pages / 229mm x 229mm / IHRC Press / publication date 30 June 2020


Welcome to the delightful world of 3 year old Maryam captured and delivered with 6 heart-warming short stories.

Maryam whizzes around her house collecting and loading almost everything on to her tiny push chair, only to be met with disaster but, is all at loss? No, for Maryam remembers the power of dua (prayer).

What do we say after we have sneezed? Why do people go on pilgrimage? Can mini Maryam pray with her family? What do we say before we eat? Curious mini Maryam soon finds out.

Join Maryam as she discovers when and why to read certain Islamic prayers and to also keep her family in check!


Kosser Abdul Aziz lives in London with her husband. In 2012, she gave up her career in Canary Wharf to home school their children and to continue to voluntarily run educational and recreational activities and events for her local community. London Borough of Brent recognised Kosser as a community mover and shaker and featured her in their, ‘Brent Magazine, 2011’. She was one of the main leads in a major mainstream TV documentary, ‘Hajj, The Greatest Trip on Earth’. and together with her family she took part in the Bafta-nominated British reality show, ‘Little Angels’.

Listen to Kosser discuss how she came up with the idea for the book here (approx 3 mins). [Page continues after the audio]

Kosser Abdul Aziz discusses the process of writing Tales of Mini Maryam


  • First story by new author
  • Every page features a colour illustration created by a new illustrator.
  • Conveys an Islamic message in a fun way


  • Children 3+
  • Also enjoyable and appealing for parents who read aloud to their children.