Democracy in Question – the Persecution of the Believers


Democracy in Question – the Persecution of the Believers Or
The Reverse Processing of Power and Powerlessness by Dr. Saied Ameli examines democracy and Islam. A must read for activists.

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The question arises: why is it that America or Western governments are continually insulting Muslims for not having democracy in Muslim lands? Why are they always encouraging us to establish liberal democracy in our lands – because they argue for us to do otherwise would mean that we are an uncivilised people with a barbaric culture?

I feel that there is a connection between the democracy they want us to practice, and the imprisonment of faith i.e. the terms of democracy that they put forward for us to follow and the isolation of faith, of religion from society.

This presentation will briefly define democracy, and will go on to look at what the concept of the democratisation of the world as currently being pursued in Western political theory and practice entails. Further we will explain in more detail my concept of the imprisonment of faith or the processes of secularisation. We will then look at and reflect on 9/11 and the concept of power and powerlessness.