A History of Muslims in Australia


  • Islam in our Near North 
  • The Fleet of Prahus 
  • The Impact of Macassar 
  • White Christian Civilisation to the East 
  • The Conquest of the Interior 
  • The Camel Communications Network 
  • Racism rears its head 
  • Muslims and the Policy of Racial Exclusion from 1901 
  • The Muslim Community before the Great War 
  • Muslim Family Life 
  • The Great War 
  • The Indians, the Empire and White Australia 
  • Pearling and White Australia 
  • Between the World Wars 
  • The Thinking behind Racial Classifications 
  • The Second World War, Refugees and Australia 
  • After the Second World War 
  • White Australia sinks into oblivion 
  • Building a National Body
  • Discrimination at the level of Local Government 
  • The Gulf War 
  • Trends