IHRC Annual Report 2009-2010

IHRC annual report


Chairman’s Foreword

The last year of the IHRC’s work has seen significant progress and expansion, despite various difficulties. In particular, the year has seen the strengthening of our campaigns department, with new and dynamic leadership; the consolidation of several years’ work on the research side, with the launch of the hate crime monitoring project, and numerous successful cases undertaken by the advocacy team. In addition, IHRC has maintained its presence at the United Nations, as well as our continuing role in the convening and work of the Universal Justice Network.

As usual this report, like our revamped website, www.ihrc.org.uk, can only reflect those aspects of our work that are public, and can provide only a sample of that. Much behind the scenes advocacy and campaigning must remain confidential. Nevertheless, despite the continued shortage of funds that faces all NGOs in this field, IHRC continues in the struggle for justice. Please join and support us in whatever way you can.

Massoud Shadjareh

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