Questionnaire: Perceptions of the USA before and after 9/11: Ideas of Peace and Conflict.

Questionnaire: Perceptions of the USA before and after 9/11: Ideas of Peace and Conflict.

Islamic Human Rights Commission

1st November 2003

Questionnaire: Perceptions of the USA before and after 9/11: Ideas of Peace and Conflict.

IHRC is asking its non-US campaigners to take a few minutes to answer a questionnaire prepared by Dr. Saied Ameli on global perceptions of the USA before and after 9/11, and the impact of its post-9/11 policies on ideas of peace and conflict amongst non-Americans.

The questionnaires can be submitted anonymously. They will form part of research into a paper on the subject. It is important that as many responses as possible are submitted from non-Americans to give substance to the research which seeks to ascertain what the world\’s peoples feel to be ways forward from the international crisis.

The questionnaire is pasted below, but can also be downloaded in Word format from:

and returned to us by email to

QUESTIONNAIRE: Examination of the perceptions of non-Americans about America and its policies before and after 9/11.

United States policy after September 11, 2001 in relation to
non-Americans in general and Muslims in particular, seems to have resulted in a \’new perception\’ about the United States of America. This questionnaire is an attempt to understand the current feelings of non-Americans about \’America\’.

You do not have to give your name, but it would be useful if we could use your first name when writing our report. Please give your first name only if you do not mind it being quoted:





Country of Residence:



Field of study:

1. How did you feel about the United States, before 9/11?

2. What is your feeling about the United States today, after 9/11?

3. What words come first to your mind in relation to America?
(Please don\’t write more than three words).

4. Do you think \’Xenophobia\’ after 9/11 has resurfaced again?

5. Do you believe there is a distinction between different layers of the USA e.g. American Politics, American People, American Elites etc.? or is America simply America without any difference?

6. Are you hopeful about future of the World?

7. Do you fear about the future of the World?

8. Do you see world society more united or more fragmented today? What is the main reason?

9. What in your opinion would be the key solution to achieve \’global peace\’ in world society?

10. Is there any \’great collective identity\’ that can bring together all peoples of the World?

11. Who or what do you consider to be the main obstacle for an environment of global peace?

© Saied Reza Ameli, 2003,

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