Statement of concern and call for solidarity: Venezuela

Statement of concern and call for solidarity: Venezuela

A call for solidarity from civil society, academia, activists and others against coup attempts in Venezuela. Join the call for action.

The situation in Venezuela is of growing concern to us, the undersigned.

Recent statements by the US have signalled clearly an attempt to support or even directly facilitate a coup. The government of Nicolas Maduro is democratically elected.  Venezuela’s economic problems and the instability caused as a result, are caused almost entirely from the sanctions imposed by the US and followed in sheep-like fashion by its allies. We call on all conscientious people to show their solidarity with Venezuela, its government and people who have stood as a bulwark against rapacious US exploitation.

Please join whatever civil society solidarity action in your country that you can. If you wish to add your name to the list of signatories, please email with your name, affiliation (if to be cited) and country.

Decolonial International Network (DIN)

Universal Justice Network (UJN)

S. Mohammad Idris, Citizens International and UJN, Malaysia

Mohideen Abdelkader, Citizens International and UJN, Malaysia

Massoud Shadjareh, Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), UK

Sandew Hira, International Institute, The Netherlands

Amanj Aziz, Nyans:Muslim, Sweden

Pravini Baboeram, The Netherlands

Silvia Maeso, Portugal

Ramón Grosfoguel, Diálogo Global, Spain

Cayetano Fernández, Kale Amenge, Spain

Hatem Bazian, National Chair, American Muslims for Palestine, USA

Mouhad Reghif, spokesperson, Brussels Panthers, Belgium

Richard Haley, Scotland Against Criminalising Communities, UK

Malcolm X Movement

Judy Granville, (BHPSC), UK

Ilan Pappe, UK

Tony Greenstein, (Brighton & Hove Trades Union Council), UK

Saleh Mamon, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities, UK

Stephen Sizer, UK

Abbas Edalat, Founder of CASMII, UK

Shaykh Syed Bahmanpour, UK 

Anne Mitchell, Brighton and Hove PSC, UK

Roshan Salih, Press TV, UK

Abbas Ali, Inminds, UK

Prof. Haim Bresheeth, Professorial Research Associate, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, School of Oriental and African Studies and Director of Camera Obscura Films, UK

Imam Muhammad al-Asi, elected Imam, Washington D.C. Islamic Center, USA

Zareen Taj, Cambridge STW, UK

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign



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