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Action Alert: Yemen – Killings of peaceful protesters continue despite president’s...

Escalating violence in Yemen causes a humanitarian disaster.

URGENT ALERT: Yemen – Yemeni political prisoner Ibrahim Ali Al-Nashery dies...

Write to the minister of foreign affairs in your country expressing concern over the death of Mr Al-Nashery, and urging him/her to raise this issue with his/her Yemeni counterparts.

Alert Update: Yemeni Prisoner Ali Nader Dies at the Hands of...

Prisoner Ali Amen Nader, who was captured in June 2006 by the Yemeni authorities for being the follower of a Shia group, has been killed.

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Sheikh Ali Belhadj Released released!

Prisoner of Faith Sheikh Ali Belhadj has been released from his detention in Algeria.

Prisoner of Faith Campaign Letter: Protest Regarding Detention of Ali Belhadj

Protest to BRITISH FOREIGN SECRETARY regarding the Detention of Ali Belhadj in Algeria.

ALERT UPDATE: Turkish Prisoner of Faith, Mehemet Ali Tekin released.

IHRC congratulates campaigners on the release of Mehmet Ali Tekin.

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Nureddin Sirin, TURKEY, Allama Naqvi and Maualana Jan...

The amnesty hearing for Nureddin Sirin, prisoner of faith, was once again postponed today. The new date is 7th June 2004. Campaigners are requested to keep up their efforts.

ALERT: Prisoners of Faith Update. Release of Sheikh Ali Benhadj and...

Despite their release, Sheikh Ali Benhadj and Dr Abbassi Madani are still only partially free. Their release is subject to an array of draconian restrictions.

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