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SALE at IHRC Bookshop & Gallery

Sale starts 22 December. Don't miss out!

Visionary Awakening end of Exhibition Conversation with Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al-Lail

Nasreen Shaikh Jamal Al-Lail in conversation at the launch of the 'Visionary Awakening' Exhibition in September 2013

OOMK: ‘Visions of the Future’ Exhibition

Join us for the launch of our new exhibition 'Visions of the Future: Women, Publishing & Autonomy' on Friday, 30 January at 6.45pm

Press release: Panel Discussion – Creative Agency and Compromise

The panel discussion will feature young Muslim women expounding on their experiences in the world of art

Creative Agency and Compromise

Thursday, 27 November at 6.45pm

IHRC artist Romina Khanom

Exhibition trailer for 'Layers of Paradise' featuring artist Romina Khanom

Press release: Layers of Paradise exhibition launch – Thursday 23 October

The exhibition will run from 23 October - 30 December 2014

Press release: ‘Layers of Paradise’ Exhibition Launch

The exhibition launches on Thursday, 23 October at 6.45pm

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