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Weekend listening and reading – On Political Islamophobia

As the US elections loom, we continue posting relevant conversations, articles and materials.LISTEN: Podcast – Hakimeh Saghaye-Biria on...

Things to watch and read in isolation #5: Muslims, the University...

In this latest blog, we look at the topic of Muslims in the secular university and the parameters for everyone not just...

Being Muslim in the Modern University

A conference @CambridgeUniversity Sun, 3rd Nov, 2019. Organised by Cambridge University Islamic Society. Watch the videos from the conference below,...

Bodyguard? Islamophobia by any other name smells just as rank

The series represents how it just gets harder by the minute to be a Muslim represented or included in the national conversation

IHRC Weekly: Counter Islamophobia Toolkit

This week Arzu Merali talks about this two year project with the EU and University of Leeds on how to counter Islamophobia the right...

IHRC Weekly Message: Why The Ofsted Chief Must Resign

In this week's message from IHRC, Arzu Merali talks about the school hijab ban and why the Ofsted Chief, Amanda Spielman has to resign.

Islamophobia Conference 2017

IHRC held its annual Islamophobia Conference on Sunday, 10 December. The theme for 2017 was 'The Rise of Nativism.'

Against Zionism: Jewish Perspectives Conference Proceedings

Second edition. Edited by Arzu Merali and Javad Sharbaf

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