Arzu Merali

Arzu Merali

Weekend listening and reading – On Political Islamophobia

As the US elections loom, we continue posting relevant conversations, articles and materials. LISTEN: Podcast – Hakimeh Saghaye-Biria on Political Islamophobia, inferiority complexes and neo-colonialism (approx. 50 mins) This week listen to Hakimeh Saghaye-Biria discuss the internalisation of Islamophobia.  Where has the inferiority complex that

Being Muslim in the Modern University

A conference @CambridgeUniversity Sun, 3rd Nov, 2019. Organised by Cambridge University Islamic Society. Watch the videos from the conference below, featuring Imam Dawud Walid, Abdulhakim Murad (Tim Winter) and IHRC’s Arzu Merali. Background and Purpose Many Muslims studying in secular, Western universities experience intimate tension,

Islamophobia Conference 2017

IHRC held its annual Islamophobia Conference on Sunday, 10 December. The theme for 2017 was ‘The Rise of Nativism.’