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‘Against Zionism: Jewish Perspective’ conference audio and papers on-line

Listen to rabbis, academics and activists on why they oppose Zionism.

Photo and Audio Report on Al-Quds Day 2002, London, UK –...

The team at Innovative Minds (www.inminds.co.uk) have put together an excellent on-line audio and visual report of the Al-Quds Day march and rally in held London, UK on December 1, this year.

9/11: The Hidden Victims – Conference Audio

Highlights of IHRC's seminar of 8th September 2002 highlighting the backlash against British Muslims are now available to listen to on-line.

Anti-Muslim Backlash Over Palestine: Audio

Discussion: Board of Deputies of British Jews DG Neville Nagler and Islamic Human Rights Commission's Massoud Shadjareh on BBC Radio 4 discuss attacks on Muslims in the UK.

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