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Press Release: IHRC Response to Tony Blair’s Statement to Train Imams...

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned by the recent statement made by Tony Blair to have more imams and religious leaders trained in the UK.

Press Release: IHRC Statement in Response to Prime Minister Blair’s Support...

The reality is that those veiled women who visited Jack Straw's office took a substantial step towards integration and engagement

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC Response to Tony Blair’s Speech to the Los...

Tony Blair's comments regarding Islam and Muslims evidence a level of paranoia one would expect from a hardened conspiracy theorist

Press Release: Muslim Community United against Blair’s Denial

Over 150 Islamic and organisations and individuals have added their name to a statement in response to the latest anti-terror proposals.

Press Release: IHRC Calls upon Sir Ian Blair to Resign

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is calling upon Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair to resign from his position following leaked information that he had asked the Independent Police Complaints Commission to delay its inquiry into the fatal

PRESS RELEASE: Prime Minister Blair Needs to Lead and Unite,...

IHRC is deeply concerned about Tony Blair's comments regarding religion, specifically Islam and the recent atrocities in London.

Press Release: Outrage at Blair’s Anti-Muslim comments

The Islamic Human Rights Commission called for an immediate apology for Blair's "insensitive and provocative statements.”

Campaign Update: Model ‘Stop the War ‘ letter for Tony...

IHRC has produced an updated letter to British Prime Minister Tony Blair MP, demanding there be no war on Iraq.

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