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Letter to Angela Rayner regarding Dr Hatem Bazian’s Book Launch

To describe Professor Bazian’s large body of work or this event as anti-Semitic is deeply worrying

Event Report: Book Launch – ‘Palestine… It Is Something Colonial’

IHRC successfully launched Hatem Bazian's new book on the colonial legacy of Palestine on 7 December 2016

PRESS RELEASE – UK/Palestine: Dr Hatem Bazian launches latest work on...

Dr Hatem Bazian’s new book ‘Palestine… It is something colonial’ is set to launch on Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Book Launch: Hatem Bazian’s ‘Palestine… It is something colonial’

Wednesday, 7 December at 6.45pm - watch LIVE on IHRC.TV

Author evening with Habeeb Akande

Habeeb Akande joined IHRC on 12th May 2016 to discuss his new book "Iluminating the Blackness: Black and African Muslims in Brazil"

Book Series Launch: Decolonizing The Mind

Watch LIVE www.ihrc.tv Saturday, 11 October at 5.30pm (GMT+1)

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