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October Updates

Join IHRC for an author evening with Haim Bresheeth-Zabner for his latest book An Army Like No...

Celebrating Eid and Remembering Palestine in Isolation

As the end of Ramadan approaches, we pray that this month – despite its unique challenges this year – has been full...


A list featuring suggested books for use primarily in English Language and Literature classes as well as citizenship and religious studies

Hajj 2017 SALE!

From 19 August we will be having sales online and instore

The Life and Marriage of Fatimah al-Zahrah

By Luqman al-Andalusi

Storytelling Session: The House of Ibn Kathir

Thursday, 22 December at 2pm

Event Report: London – A successful Bake Sale Fundraiser hosted by...

A report of the Bake Sale fundraiser in support of IHRC Trust, Saturday 22 December 2012 

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