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November Updates

IHRC Bookshop & Gallery has a few announcements.Abbasid History Podcast

Mawlid Promotion

The blessed month of Rabi' ul-Awwal is here and the Mawlid of the Prophet ﷺ is almost upon us. IHRC...

September Updates

 We have a webinar event on Saturday 12 September in which we will discuss: NORMALISATION: Israel's strategy...

Muharram Updates

The Day of Ashura is approaching. There is still time to take advantage of our Muharram sale. Our 20% discount ends on 31st August.Discount...

The Safar Curriculum for Home-schooling: An Introduction

20 December from 11am - tickets available

Storytelling Session for Children: Ready for Eid!

Saturday, 5 September from 3pm

Storytelling Session for Children: Hajj and Mecca

Friday, 28 August from 3pm

Recalling the Caliphate: Decolonization and World Order

Watch on our livestream at 5.30pm (GMT+1) by clicking HERE

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