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The Long View out now: Home, heart and community

The latest issue of The Long View (volume 2, issue 1) is out now, entitled 'Home, heart and community: reclaiming the minority space.'

Islamophobia Conference 2017: The Rise of Nativism

Sunday, 10 December from 10.30am - watch live on IHRC.TV

PRESS RELEASE – UK: National Islamophobia Conference

The conference will take place on 10 December 2017

Hate crimes expected to rise once talks start

Arzu Merali is interviewed by Press TV on hate crime

PRESS RELEASE – UK/USA: May and Trump leading countries further into...

Immigration was a central plank of both the Brexit and Trump campaigns and led to a surge in anti-minority sentiment

Europe’s tide of hating the other makes us all Muslims now

Islamophobia is undeniably on the rise - and that's a problem for us all as all forms of racism are relegitimised in the process

ALERT: Report post-Brexit hate crime

Report any incidents that you have experienced or seen

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