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PRESS RELEASE – UK/Saudi Arabia: Britain must halt arms sales to...

A draft report by the cross party Committee on Arms Exports Control leaked to the press yesterday said it was likely British weapons had been used to violate international law

Syrian conflict must end for the sake of children: Massoud Shadjareh

IHRC chairman, Massoud Shadjareh speaks to Press TV about the Syrian conflict and child refugees.

PRESS RELEASE: Syria – Ramadan Bloodshed as Army Kills Civilians Across...

IHRC demands halt to violence against civilians in Syria

Forwarded Alert: USA – Day of Rage: Solidarity with the Bahraini...

March from Saudi Consulate to United Nations Building. 

Update Alert: Egypt – Outrage in Egyptian streets over ‘emergency-law martyr’

The death of ‘emergency-law martyr’ Khaled Saeed has become of great public interest, becoming a symbol of thousands of Egyptian citizens who are victims of police brutality.

Ban pushes for greater protection of civilians affected by armed conflict

Ban calls for the protection of civilians caught in the middle of armed conflict.

Red Cross forced to suspend aid to civilians in Sri Lankan...

Sri Lankan government blocks access to camps in which thousands could face two years behind razor wire.

URGENT ALERT: Palestine – Boycott Zionism: In protest of Israel’s bloody...

Boycott Zionist companies and products to show allegiance to the cause of the helpless victims of Gaza.

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