UKRAINE: War and Double Standards

This week we discuss the devastating war in Ukraine and the dangerous double standards we have seen from Western press and politicians. Go to these links for related information: Palestine as a Millennium Dome: Globalization, Exceptionalism, Americanism, Zionism and Palestinization of the World – click

How states sanitise genocide and genocidal acts

In line with the aim of the annual event which aims to raise awareness of genocide so that new generations can understand the causes and recognise the warning signs of such atrocities, this year’s theme is the sanitisation of genocides and genocidal acts. Wherever and

Weekly Video – Environment of Hate Report: Worse Today

The Islamic Human Rights Commission has been monitoring and analysing anti-Muslim hatred for over years now. In 2015 it released its second Environment of Hate report. 6 years later we can’t say nothing has changed…because things are worse Report exposes HATRED of Muslims – YouTube

Islamophobia Awareness Month

Reports and Books – IHRC Muslim Experiences of Hatred and Discrimination in Germany – IHRC Muslim Experiences of Hatred and Discrimination in Austria – IHRC What’s Going on Here? US Experiences of Islamophobia between Obama and Trump – IHRC The New Colonialism: the American Model

The Situation in Afghanistan

Massoud Shajareh on the situation in Afghanistan Please also see Decolonial Dialogues 19: A decolonial view of Afghanistan now – IHRC They hate women, don’t they? Arzu Merali (external link)