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Opposition to Zionism: The Core Strategy of a Solidarity Movement

Zionism is a political project whose aim was no less than the colonisation of a land and the supplanting of its indigenous population

Apartheid Israel And The Political Zionist Claim For National Self- Determination

Zionism embodies aspects of fascism such as ultra-nationalism, colonialism, militarisation and racism

Anti-Zionism is Not Anti-Semitism

The aim of those who wish to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism is simply to curtail opposition of any kind to Israel and its policies

Challenging the Zionist False Narrative

To those acquainted with pro-Israel activism, efforts to shield and promote the Zionist state abroad are part and parcel of their suppression of Palestinian rights

Once was…

A poem on Islamophobia by Aneela

A horse told Michael there’s a monster at our school

Comment piece by Gill Cressey on the 'Trojan Horse' row

IHRC UPDATE: Comment and Analysis on British Dual Nationality Law...

As events develop apace, IHRC has as usual been producing a variety of press releases, briefings and compiling articles.

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