Decolonising the Mind

Decolonising the Mind

The Uprising: Movie and Educational Toolkit

IHRC congratulates singer, songwriter and activist Pravini on the launch of the educational toolkit to accompany her movie The Uprising. You can find the movie and toolkit on this page or go directly to Pravini’s site here. IHRC highly recommends this toolkit for educators looking

Things to do in isolation #12 – watch The Uprising

[May 26, 2020] Many of you will remember the screening we held of singer and activist Pravini’s decolonial movie, The Uprising, last year.  The Uprising by Pravini can be accessed on YouTube, or watch it below. The Uprising tells the story of resistance against racism

Event Report: Decolonising Ecology

We were joined by Professor Ramón Grosfoguel, a leading decolonial scholar, and Sandew Hira, the co-director of the Decolonial International Network, on Monday 16 December 2019 to discuss how issues of decoloniality need to be considered in conversations and activism around climate change. This event