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January Updates

We have a few announcements for this month.GMD 2021: Genocide Memorial Day

Genocide Memorial Day to focus on demonisation of peoples

PRESS RELEASE –The divisive politics that results in the demonisation of communities will be the focus of this...

Home Office report proves fallacy of "Muslim grooming gangs"

Even a Home Office report has found that the lie perpetrated by politicians, the press and pundits that most "grooming gangs" are...

Muslim community rejects the State’s criminalisation of Islam and condemns moves...

A joint UK statement in respect to the ongoing demonisation of Muslims in Britain

Ten Days in Tehran – Day 2: Sharon Fruit

Demonisation and the march to war...

Ten Days in Tehran: Day 1 – Eid, a time for...

Some thoughts on Muslim (dis)unity and internecine Muslim demonisation

IHRC Newsletter 2007

Read the review of IHRC's work 2006 - 2007.

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