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Book Launch: Hatem Bazian’s ‘Palestine… It is something colonial’

Wednesday, 7 December at 6.45pm - watch LIVE on IHRC.TV

Discussion of ‘The End of Tolerance’ by Arun Kundnani

Pluto Press invites you to a discussion of the new book \'The End of
Tolerance\' at Bookmarks bookshop, London, with Arun Kundnani and Colin

IHRC UK Event Reminder: Tonight – ‘Dissent and Detention: Before and...

IHRC is holding a panel discussion to look at what changes have occurred in the suppression of dissent and resistance, if any, since 9/11.

IHRC UK EVENT: A discussion with Professor Hamid Algar, Monday...

It is IHRC's great honour to have Professor Hamid Algar address one of our meetings.

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