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New report intensifies squeeze on Muslim CSO space

Islamic Human Rights Commission21 January 2019PRESS RELEASE – UK: New report intensifies squeeze on Muslim...

Defining extremism: What does 2019 hold for British Muslims?

Institutionalised Islamophobia has contributed to hate crimes, discrimination and the exclusion of Muslims from political spaces, argues Arzu Merali  Where to...

IHRC addresses civil society concerns to political opposition

Muslim organisations are at the sharp end of a wider attack on the CSO space in Britain

Briefing: The shrinking political space for CSOs in the UK

Muslim groupings are at the sharp end of a narrowing space for CSOs engendered by a growing environment of hate

IHRC draws attention to United Kingdom and Northern Ireland’s PREVENT Programme

PREVENT has become an aggressive social engineering and spying exercise

Military connections take far right terror threat to a whole new...

This week's arrest of four soldiers suspected of being associated with a far right terror group should alert authorities to the real threat posed by their acolytes, argues Faisal Bodi

The Hollowing of Human Rights in the Post 9/11 World

Narjis Khan reflect on the United Nations’ response to international ‘terrorism’ following 9/11. Download the PDF here

Letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan concerning the Fourth Schedule of...

The powers under the Fourth Schedule are extensive and draconian

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