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Far-Right in Europe: Is the Threat Taken Seriously?

Arzu Merali discusses the rise off the far-right and the failure of CVE regimes on TRT's Roundtable on 12 March 2020.

Zionist extremists convicted after targeting pro-Palestine event

Islamic Human Rights CommissionPRESS RELEASE – UKIHRC welcomes the conviction...

Letter to the European Commission

To the European Commission – Directorate of Justice Věra Jourová, Commissioner on Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality Tommaso Chiamparino, EU Cooridnator on combating anti-Muslim...

PRESS RELEASE – UK: How Darren Osborne came to be radicalised

Darren Osborne's choice of the al-Quds protest was not coincidental

A marriage of convenience

Faisal Bodi explains how a shared interest in promoting Islamophobia is nourishing an unlikely alliance between Zionist Jews and the extreme far right.

Islamophobia Conference 2017: The Rise of Nativism

Sunday, 10 December from 10.30am - watch live on IHRC.TV

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Islamophobia Conference – 10 December 2017

The focus of this year's conference will be on the 'rise of nativism'

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