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Forwarded Alert: UK – Lighting Candles in commiseration for the Bahraini...

PLEASE Join us TODAY(23/03/2011) in solidarity with the Bahraini people.

Alert: Take part in two new research projects for IHRC

Essential Needs of Muslims in Non-Muslim Countries: A Survey, and Muslim Experiences of Hostility and Discrimination, 2010 Pilot Project.

PRESS RELEASE: Iran – IHRC calls for a full inquiry into...

“IHRC calls for a full inquiry into the policing of protesters and the handling of those detained”.

PRESS RELEASE: Germany – IHRC blames climate of Islamophobia for death...

IHRC is deeply concerned that the alienation and marginalisation of the Muslim community has led to such an environment where hate crimes are prevalent.

OIC to establish commission for human rights in Muslim world by...

OIC creates a human rights watch organisation to protect civil freedom in member states.

Free Gaza Movement boats plan to sail for to Gaza

The Free Gaza Movement will depart from Larnaca Port for the Gaza Strip at 10am today, Thursday 25 June.

Israel defies US with plan for 240 new homes on Palestinian...

Ehud Barak approved construction in West Bank. Scheme cuts farmers' access to land, say critics.

Alert: USA – Letters of support for Imam Jamil

Campaigners are asked to write letters of support to Imam Jamil after his release from “the hole”.

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