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Documentary Screenings: Forgotten Genocide

The Forgotten Genocide has been screened nation wide from Southampton to Edinburgh to various other cities. 

If you are interested in organising a screening for the Forgotten Genocide please do not hesitate to contact research@ihrc.org and we would be glad to assist. 

We would be happy to assist in international screenings also. 

SACC Press release: UK/Bosnia – Glasgow event to take a fresh...

Forwarded press release from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities on the screening of 'Forgotten Genocide'

Press release – UK/Bosnia: Premier of film commemorating genocide in Bosnia...

The premier is set to take place at Rich Mix on Thursday, 15 January at 7pm

Forgotten Genocide

'Forgotten Genocide' will document the war in Bosnia and be released on 13 July 2015

Press release – UK/Bosnia: Release of film commemorating genocide in Bosnia

'Forgotten Genocide' to be released on 13 July 2015

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