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Press release: USA / UK – Terrorism sentences expose British injustice

Joy of pair's release tempered by injustice that they suffered.

Free Gaza Movement boats plan to sail for to Gaza

The Free Gaza Movement will depart from Larnaca Port for the Gaza Strip at 10am today, Thursday 25 June.

Urgent Forwarded Alert: Syria – Free Maryam Kallis – British citizen...

Maryam Kallis has been held away from her children without having been given access to any legal representation or even being charged with a crime.

UK/Palestine – Israel intends to attack the free Gaza boat

It has been leaked that Israel intends to attack the Free Gaza Boat today - please urgently take actions.

NEW items and offers at the IHRC shop on-line, free gifts...

Support the struggle for justice by visiting the IHRC shop online. By treating yourself to a great range of reasonably priced IHRC merchandise you will be donating to a worthwhile cause.

EVENT: London , UK – Human Rights and Israel at 60,...

A real world conference about real people and the abuse of their human rights.

The Free Tibet Society of London Metropolitan University, presents: ECHOES OF...

A talk by six Tibetan nuns, who between them have spent 71 years in Drapchi Prison, as political prisoners and are in the UK to pay tribute to their fellow prisoners who died as a result of inhuman treatment inprisons.

Forwarded Alert from Free Babar Ahmad Campaign


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