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Nigeria Digest #92

Global Protests continue as Sheikh Zakzaky is forced to return back from India

Free Zakzaky Campaign

Find all the action alerts, information and resources you need on this page for the FreeZakzaky campaign.

Nigeria Digest #91

Global campaign intensified as the hearing adjourned again

Nigeria Digest #90

Global #FreeZakzaky campaign intensifies as his son made desperate plea

UK PROTEST: Life Threatening Medical Condition of Sheikh Zakzaky

Join us on Tuesday 09 July from 4pm - 6pm

Nigeria Digest #89

New medical findings raised concerns about deteriorating health of Zakzaky

URGENT ALERT: NIGERIA – Demand urgent medical treatment for life threatening...

Demand urgent medical treatment for life threatening medical condition of Sheikh Zakzaky

Nigeria Digest #88

Sheikh's deteriorating health and high levels of lead toxicity in his body triggered massive protests

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