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Forwarded Press Release – Prison inspector publishes deportation ‘concerns’ ahead of...

Concerns about the escorts employed by the Home Office for deportation flights - Corporate Watch 

27th Sept UK/London : Global Solidarity with the Hares Boys

LONDON: Fri 27th September 5pm-7pm

Protest in solidarity with hunger strikers in Israeli prisons

Upcoming protest on Friday 13th September 4.30-6.30pm - Royal Jordanian Airlines 

G4S Protest London HQ 30 Aug 2013

Free the Hares Boys & Free the Nablus 3 - Protest G4S complicity in their torture

Britons to protest against G4S complicity in Palestinians’ torture

British activists will be protesting against G4S wrongdoings in Palestine.

Action Alert: UK / Palestine / Israel – Protest against G4S...

Join the protest against G4S outside the G4S AGM

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