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Things to do in isolation #6: Homeschooling all ages and story...

Our latest blog provides direct links to Homeschooling material from our site and other sources.Those of you having...

Genocide Memorial Day

Genocide Memorial Day takes place on the third Sunday of every January to remember the perpetration of genocides and genocidal acts.

Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) – Brussels, 2020

Bruxelles Panthères organized the Genocide Memorial Day event on Saturday January 18,2020 in Brussels. The theme of the event was “From 1930s...

Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) – Amsterdam 2020

Decolonial International Network and Vrede met Venezuela organized Genocide Memorial Day on Sunday January 19, 2020 at the...

Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) 2019 Event Report- Geneva

Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) is a day focused on remembering man’s inhumanity to man. The theme for #GMD2019 in Geneva was “Failures of International Institutions in preventing genocide in conflict: The Holocaust, Palestine and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Open Letter to the JC

IHRC has written an open letter to The Jewish Chronicle to complain about their reporting of Genocide Memorial Day's school resources.

IHRC marks Genocide Memorial Day to prevent future atrocities

Press TV's Bianca Rahimi covered the London, UK event. Watch the video or read the article.

GMD Brussels: De l’antisémitisme des années 30 à l’islamophobie d’aujourd’hui

18 January 2020. Dans le cadre du #GMD2020 (Génocide Mémorial Day), Bruxelles Panthères a le plaisir d'inviter Simon Assoun, membre de...

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