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Implementation of PREVENT policy in schools

Correspondence has been listed in chronological order

Press release – UK: British government responsible for alarming rise in...

Britain is turning into a 'Stasi state' subjecting its Muslims to ever increasing levels of repression, according to a new report to be published next week

Press release – UK: Charity handouts considered “income” by the government

This is another clear example that the David Cameron's government does not feel it has any responsibility towards those who are destitute

Press release – UK: IHRC urges opposition parties to challenge new...

In the letter addressed to Labour, Lib-Dems, Green and SNP MPs, IHRC expresses its "deep alarm" over the proposals

Press release – UK: More anti-extremism laws signal Tory intent to...

The legislation seeks powers to close down groups and premises (including mosques) found to be propagating or promoting so-called extremist values

Press release: IHRC calls on Deputy Prime Minister to scotch proposed...

Deputy Prime Minister is urged to make good his repeated pledges to restrain the excesses of the Tories

A letter to Nick Clegg regarding the government’s proposed new plans...

Home Office intends to introduce worrying new measures

Press release: IHRC responds to ‘entryism’ charge in Sunday Telegraph

Government's statement implies that it is kowtowing to demands by Islamophobes to remove or exclude Muslims from policymaking

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