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Help Support the Oppressed However You Can – Qurbani 2019

Dhul Hijjah Message from IHRC Chair, Massoud ShadjarehSalamun alaykum,Dear Respected...

For the kids (young and old) on Hajj and for Eid.

Dear Friend,Salam,For the kids (young and old) on Hajj and for Eid.

Hajj 2017 SALE!

From 19 August we will be having sales online and instore

Whose Hajj is it anyway?

Reflect on how ownership of this sacred Islamic institution needs to be reclaimed by the Muslim Ummah collectively

The martyrs of 1987 and the Saudi violation of Hajj

Arzu Merali argues that last year’s disaster in Mina was just more of the same from a Saudi regime that has been responsible for much worse in its treatment of hujjaj.

Outrageuos Saudi Hajj Stance On Iran

Massoud Shadjareh on Press TVhttps://youtu.be/PTTKJ9bT6O0

Saudi Arabia hiding real crush death toll

Discussing Saudis’ mismanagement of the Hajj pilgrimage

Hajj management must be taken from Saudi Arabia

Saudi want to be in charge, but they don't want to take any responsibility

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