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Islamophobia Conference 2017

IHRC held its annual Islamophobia Conference on Sunday, 10 December. The theme for 2017 was 'The Rise of Nativism.'

Event Report: Islamophobia Conference 2017

IHRC's annual Islamophobia Conference took place on 10 December 2017

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Labour Shadow Education Secretary has wrong end...

We view Angela Rayner's intervention as an attempt to muzzle any criticism of Israel under the pretext of anti-Semitism

Letter to Angela Rayner regarding Dr Hatem Bazian’s Book Launch

To describe Professor Bazian’s large body of work or this event as anti-Semitic is deeply worrying

Religion scholars turn activist in the shadow of Trump

The American Academy of Religion leadership has cancelled a panel on BDS, which Dr. Hatem Bazian was supposed to be part of

Forwarded Alert: Stop BDS Censoring

Forwarded from Hatem Bazian

Hatem Bazian: Palestine… It’s Something Colonial

Dr. Hatem Bazian is a lecturer in the Departments of Near Eastern and Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies, Editor-in-Chief of the Islamophobia Studies...

Event Report: Book Launch – ‘Palestine… It Is Something Colonial’

IHRC successfully launched Hatem Bazian's new book on the colonial legacy of Palestine on 7 December 2016

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