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A Cry For Help

An Event organised in Manchester by \'HHUGS\', an organisation that supports the family of detainees.

Action Alert: Help IHRC: Iconic IHRC T-Shirt – Long Sleeve,...

A long sleeve, unisex, version of the iconic IHRC T-shirt is now available. Great for demonstrations or everyday wear.

Help IHRC this Ramadan: Become a Fundraiser

Five ways to help IHRC raise the funds it needs.

Help IHRC this Ramadan: Become a distributor of its annual newsletter.

Once more our annual newsletter is about to go to press. We hope to be ready for circulation a week before Ramadan. We urge you to become a newsletter distributor in your local area

Help IHRC this Ramadan – Donate & Shop On-Line at www.ihrc.org.uk

Once more Ramadan is almost upon us. We humbly request that you remember IHRC again this year.

HELP IHRC THIS RAMADAN: Annual newsletter on-line; Utilise Gift Aid on...

Message from IHRC; Details of the new IHRCT the registered charity; Annual newsletter available on-line and for distribution in hardcopy.

Help IHRC raise the funds it needs to carry out its...

Due to shortage of time at June\'s fundraising evening, certain auction items remain unsold. IHRC is offering these items for sale and auction on-line.

Please help IHRC now

Download the standing order and one off donation form.

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