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PODCAST: Santiago Slabodsky – Are Muslims the new Jews?

Professor Santiago Slabodsky joins Arzu Merali to discuss this phrase often used in activism.

PODCAST: Ramón Grosfoguel on the Four Genocides of Modernity

Professor Ramón Grosfoguel joins us for a conversation with Arzu Merali to analyse the four key genocides of modernity and how they impact us today.

Rabbi Ahron Cohen – Genocide Memorial Day 2012

Rabbi Cohen speaking at the third annual Genocide Memorial Day event.

Professor Ramon Grosfogual – Genocide Memorial Day 2012

Professor Grosfogual speaking at the third annual Genocide Memorial Day event.

Gaza Holocaust: A Travesty of Democracy, Justice, & Human Rights

Professor George Joffe, Cambridge University and Dr. Daud Abdullah, Palestinian Return Centre.

German intellectuals: Israel’s creation made Palestinians victims of Holocaust

A group of visiting German intellectuals called on Berlin on Monday to change what they termed its Holocaust-rooted blind support of Israel, saying the creation of the State of Israel turned Palestinians into victims of the Nazi Holocaust as well.


An event organised by the Islamic Unity Society with various speakers.

Holocaust Victims Forgotten

The 27th January has been designated Holocaust Memorial Day in commemoration of the tragic genocide against Jews by the Nazis that occurred in the first half of the 20th Century.

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