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GMD School Resources: Poetry Competition Winners; resources and news

Below are some updates on the project, including more links to resources for older students. Poetry Competition winners 2020We are delighted to announce...

GMD Schools: Resources for Assemblies and Lessons

Those of you commemorating genocides past and present in the coming weeks may find the following resources useful.  A full set of...

GMD Schools: Resources for November and reminders about the poetry competition

We hope this email finds you well.  November is a month of many national events related to memorialisation...

PODCAST: Santiago Slabodsky – Are Muslims the new Jews?

Professor Santiago Slabodsky joins Arzu Merali to discuss this phrase often used in activism.

PODCAST: Ramón Grosfoguel on the Four Genocides of Modernity

Professor Ramón Grosfoguel joins us for a conversation with Arzu Merali to analyse the four key genocides of modernity and how they impact us today.

Rabbi Ahron Cohen – Genocide Memorial Day 2012

Rabbi Cohen speaking at the third annual Genocide Memorial Day event.

Professor Ramon Grosfogual – Genocide Memorial Day 2012

Professor Grosfogual speaking at the third annual Genocide Memorial Day event.

Gaza Holocaust: A Travesty of Democracy, Justice, & Human Rights

Professor George Joffe, Cambridge University and Dr. Daud Abdullah, Palestinian Return Centre.

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