human rights

human rights

Stop UK Support for The War on Yemen

Background Action required Template Letter Recipients Address     Background Since 2014, a Saudi Arabian-led coalition has bombed Yemen in order to get rid of the Ansarullah-led Yemeni government. The Saudi motive has been to impose a puppet government, which currently operates in most of

Proposed plan to send Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

Background Action required Template Letter Recipients Address   Background The Home Secretary Priti Patel’s xenophobic policies appears to have no boundaries and her latest plan to send UK asylum seekers to Rwanda is not only racist, but ludicrous. The United Kingdom has a long history


Letter to PM Boris Johnson over planned visit to Saudi Arabia

Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP Prime Minister 10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA 15 March 2022   Dear Mr. Johnson, Re: Planned visit to Saudi Arabia The execution of 81 prisoners by Saudi Arabia on March 12 is a timely reminder why you should call

January Updates

We have a few announcements for this month. GMD 2021: Genocide Memorial Day Join us tomorrow for our livestream of GMD. The theme this year is Starting Genocide: Demonisation Guest speakers include: Ilan Pappe, Yakov M. Rabkin, Haim Bresheeth-Zabner, Maung Zarni, Imam Dawud Walid – Maafa and Demir Mahmutcehajic.Watch Genocide Memorial Day,

December Updates

IHRC Bookshop have a few announcements to make, including a couple of upcoming events. Islamophobia Conference 2020 Join IHRC and DIN (Decolonial International Network) for the seventh annual Islamophobia Conference: The Attacks on Civil, Human and Political Rights for Muslims in Europe. Chairing the event will