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The New Colonialism: the American Model of Human Rights /eds. Arzu...

Available to buy now.Based on IHRC’s conference of the same name, this book presents...

IHRC Annual Report 2018 – 19

Read all about IHRC's work this last year, including updates on ongoing projects, new campaigns and initiatives.

Event report: The New Colonialism – The American Model of Human...

Find out more about this unique and timely conference from the following report, including links to all the videos and photos from...

Saudi Digest # 67

Saudi Arabia has always presented itself as a leader of the Muslim world, but its leadership has always consisted of violence, bribery and treachery

Saudi Digest # 66

Saudi Arabia has now become the financers of all US colonial policies in the Middle East and beyond.

PRESS RELEASE – Bahrain: UN alerted to human rights deterioration on...

Seven years on, Bahrain's government has continued its campaign of repression against its own citizens

Saudi Digest #63

The regime has remained virtually silent about Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Conference: The New Colonialism: The American Model of Human Rights

Saturday, 10 February from 9.30am. Watch LIVE on IHRC.TV from 10.30am

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