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Event Report: Europe’s Fault Lines – Racism and the Rise of...

Author Liz Fekete talks about her book "Europe's Fault Lines - Racism and the Rise of the Right".

Tony Blair Institute report ‘Narratives of Division’ – A critique

The report's publication was timely as just weeks earlier IHRC published a briefing analysing how the label “extremism” was being used to elbow Muslim organisations out of policymaking.

Reflecting on IHRC’s beginnings in Cambridge

Massoud Shadjareh discusses the beginning of IHRC and its roots in Cambridge, UK.

Hundreds in London and Berlin Mark International Quds Day

Hundreds of people in London and Berlin have commemorated the International Quds Day, marching in support of the oppressed people of Palestine and against...

Al Quds Day – London – 2018

Al Quds Day 2018 in London was the biggest and broadest yet. Here's what happened...

IHRC Weekly Message: Ramadan A Time To Reflect

We are in the second week of the blessed month of Ramadan. In this week's message IHRC Chairman Massoud Shadjareh reminds us that this is a time for spiritual reflection.

IHRC Weekly Message: Help The Rohingya Now

Help The Rohingya Now:

PRESS RELEASE – UK: IHRC castigates London mayor for support of...

IHRC has again written to the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan accusing him of kowtowing to Zionist and far right extremists in his continuing endeavours to control what is displayed at the annual Al-Quds Day demonstration in London.

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