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Saudi Digest: Campaign to End Injustice!

News, resources and campaign direction on the struggle against injustice perpetrated by the Saudi regime.

URGENT ALERT: Saudi Arabia – Saudi government crackdown against members of...

Saudi authorities have arrested the members of the newly established “Islamic Omma Party” with no legal grounds.

UK: Protest outside Home Office, and screening of acalimed film ‘Injustice’

Protest the death in police custody outside the Home Office on 7th May 2004. Earlier in the day you can catch a free screening of the acclaimed film, \'Injustice\'.

Injustice in the Name of Islam

The continued media frenzy into the case of Nigerian Amina Lawal has done little to remedy the confusion surrounding Shariah.

Shades of Injustice: Travails of Muslim Activists in Nigeria

Dr. Shu'aibu Musa recounts the history of the Muslim struggle against Sani Abacha's regime in Nigeria.

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