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Forwarded Alert: UK – Interpal highlights inconsistencies in Lloyds TSB correspondences

Interpal updates supporters and highlights Lloyds TSB's attempt to mislead Interpal supporters through ambiguous language.

URGENT ALERT UPDATE: UK – Amended Lloyds TSB contact in relation...

Campaigners writing to Lloyds TSB regarding the current Interpal case should be advised of an important change of contacts.

URGENT FORWARDED ALERT: UK – Message and request from INTERPAL

Urgent message from Interpal concerning Lloyds TSB ordering the Islamic Bank of Britain to cease all dealing with Interpal.

Interpal Seminar:

Humanitarian Values, Accountability and Transparency: the Palestinian Case

IHRC Congratulates Interpal

Board of Deputies of British Jews spologises to British charity Interpal.

Press Release: Latest Slur on Interpal Despicable

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is very disturbed at the latest attempt to slander the good name of humanitarian charity, Interpal.

PRESS RELEASE: Vindication of Interpal – A blow to Islamophobia

Muslims across Britain are relieved one of Britain's leading Muslim charities, Interpal, was found innocent of assisting Palestinian terrorists.

Action Alert: Support INTERPAL

INTERPAL [A British based charity organisation helping Palestinians in
need]- Needs Your Help.

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