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Annual Islamophobia Conferences 2014 onwards

IHRC's annual Islamophobia conference was launched in 2014 and is pat of network of conferences held across Europe around the second weekend in December each year.

We need Courage not Deference when it comes to Muslim representation

In our desire to appease and please, we also erase our own selves, our histories, our stories, scrapping between us instead for recognition from those who will never give it, and who do not deserve our legitimisation. 

Opposition urged to confront exclusion of Muslims from policy-making

Islamic Human Rights Commission10 January 2019PRESS RELEASE – UK: Opposition urged to address exclusion of Muslims from...

Briefing: The shrinking political space for CSOs in the UK

Muslim groupings are at the sharp end of a narrowing space for CSOs engendered by a growing environment of hate

Event Report: Islamophobia Conference 2018

IHRC's annual Islamophobia Conference took place on 8 December 2018

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Islamophobia conference to examine marriage of convenience...

The conference will take place on 8 December 2018

UK Launch of the Counter-Islamophobia Toolkit

The UK launch of the Counter Islamophobia Toolkit took place on 30 November 2018.

Event Report: Islamophobia Awards 2018

The evening of comedy and satire took place on 11 November

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