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CIK – France: Toolkit and Key National Messages Launch

IHRC and ENAR hosted the launch of the Toolkit and its specific France related findings in Islamophobia and how to combat it,...

Event: Islamophobia in the UK

Join IHRC at Al-Mahdi centre in Fareham to find out more about IHRC and discuss Islamophobia in the UK

In Defence of My Community – Massoud Shadjareh

IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh discusses the attacks on Muslim parents campaigning for parental rights in the latest state RSE controversy, in this week's video message.

Islamophobia in the Tory Party

Arzu Merali and Ali Fazel join The Newsmakers on TRT World to discuss racism in the Conservative Party in the UK.

IHRC’s UPR Report on Italy

Read IHRC's alternative NGO report to the Universal Periodic Review in 2019 on Italy.

Press Release: Javid urged to end discrimination in hate-crime security funding

Islamic Human Rights Commission18 March 2019The Home Secretary is being urged to end the...

Hoping Hope Wins

You're only considered 'extreme' depending on your team.

Islamophobia: Is it a tool for Social Engineering?

Massoud Shadjareh and Raza Kazim join AIM for this event.

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