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January Updates

We have a few announcements for this month.GMD 2021: Genocide Memorial Day

New Year's Day Sale

IHRC Bookshop & Gallery have a New Year's Day Sale and are giving away 15% discount off all items. The discount code is NEW2021. Offer...

December Updates

IHRC Bookshop have a few announcements to make, including a couple of upcoming events.Islamophobia Conference 2020

Islamophobia Conference 2020 – The Attacks on Civil, Human and Political...

Join IHRC & DIN for the 7th annual Islamophobia Conference on Sunday, 13 December 2020.

November Updates

IHRC Bookshop & Gallery has a few announcements.Abbasid History Podcast

A Time for Apples and Horses: Let’s Stop Excusing Borat

This tweet from the Decolonial Atlas made my day.Two of history's most consequential events were the domestications of...

PREMIERE: Talking About Islamophobia between Obama and Trump

Co-author of IHRC's latest book into Islamophobia focusing on the USA, Saeed A. Khan joins IHRC to discuss the situation for Muslims...

Reporting Muslims and Coronavirus. A complaint to the BBC

As Massoud Shadjareh recounted in his video of 7 August (see below), IHRC has written a complaint letter to the BBC regarding...

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