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Islamophobia Conference 2019: Islamophobia and Shrinking Civil Society Spaces

The fifth annual IHRC Islamophobia Conference will discuss the ways the civil society space has shrunk and how Islamophobia is driving much of this.

Key Islamophobia publication to be discussed in author evening

The co-editor of an encyclopaedic volume on Islamophobia will be at IHRC next week to discuss her book.

IHRC in Henry Jackson Society’s sights – again

Faisal Bodi sets HJS’ latest conspiracist claims in context.The inveterate Islamophobes in the Henry...

Press Release: Hell hath no fury like Trevor Phillips spurned

Policy Exchange’s latest report rather proves the case of institutional Islamophobia

Reflective back on 21 years of activism with the IHRC (ft....

Salim from The Muslim Vibe is joined by Arzu Merali as they discuss the origins and work of one of the...

VIDEO: Amrit Wilson – The rise of Nativism in India

Speaking at the IHRC Islamophobia Conference 2017, Amrit Wilson examines Islamophobia in the context of recent Indian history.

CIK – France: Toolkit and Key National Messages Launch

IHRC and ENAR hosted the launch of the Toolkit and its specific France related findings in Islamophobia and how to combat it,...

Event: Islamophobia in the UK

Join IHRC at Al-Mahdi centre in Fareham to find out more about IHRC and discuss Islamophobia in the UK

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