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Event report: #FreeZakzaky demo in Istanbul, Turkey

Demonstrators congregated to demand Nigeria release the Sheikh and his wife. See images and watch the video of the rally.

Şeyh İbrahim Zakzaki ile dayanışma için

Istanbul, 13 Temmuz CumartesZindanda zehirlenmesi sonucu ölümün eşiğine gelen Şeyh İbrahim Zekzeki ile dayanışma...

Pakistani Muslims sign unity declaration

Video clip of UJN meeting in Bodrum, bringing together representatives of Pakistan Islam sects and movements.

Pakistani leaders sign historic anti-sectarianism declaration

Meeting convened by the Universal Justice Network

Press Release: Egypt – Istanbul to host Egyptian crisis meeting

UJN facilitates meeting with IHRC in UK and Malaysia, Citizens International

Egypt – The Way Forward? Istanbul, Turkey

IHRC as joint secretariat of UJN is organising a panel discussion in Istanbul, Turkey on 31 October

Istanbul Police start to put people under surveilance due to the...

Since 12 Ekim 1998, Istanbul Police start to put people under surveillance because of the "Hand in Hand Protest Campaign for the Head Scarf Ban."

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