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POSTPONED: Author evening with David Miller: Bad News for Labour

An author evening with David Miller on Thursday, 27 February 2020.

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Labour Shadow Education Secretary has wrong end...

We view Angela Rayner's intervention as an attempt to muzzle any criticism of Israel under the pretext of anti-Semitism

Shame on you, Hilary Benn

You and your phantom battalions and dodgy dossiers have never mattered in struggles for justice

It’s still racism: Letters to some leaders post-GE15

In the wake of the shock Tory victory in the UK elections, Arzu Merali reflects on the problems of 'British' political culture in her letters to some of the winners and losers

Press release: UKIP advance is reason to be alarmed

The results in these by-elections indicate a worrying shift towards even more radicalised and discriminatory political narrative

The Miranda detention: Labour turns the heat on Boris Johnson

Schedule 7 is a common experience for Muslims.

Young-Uyghur Women Transferred from Rural China for Forced Labour in Eastern...

Uyghur women targeted by large-scale government programme aimed at transferring them to from rural to urban areas for forced labour.

Press Release: Release of “Ricin 8” Exposes Labour’s Manifesto of Fear

IHRC welcomes the release today of the eight men accused of the so called “ricin poison plot”.

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