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Letter to Metropolitan Police Commissioner regarding Al Quds Day 2017

IHRC raised concerns about a number of issues that arose during the Al Quds Day rally on 18 June 2017

PRESS RELEASE – UK: IHRC Asks Parliamentary Watchdog To Investigate Hate-Preaching...

IHRC believes that Mr Offord has breached the House of Commons code of conduct in trying to sabotage and disrupt the Al-Quds Day rally

PRESS RELEASE – UK: MP incites hate against pro-Palestinian rally

Conservative MP Matthew Offord's statement is deliberately deceitful and libellous

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Zionists threaten peaceful annual march in London

The Metropolitan Police have said they will not be policing the annual event this year breaking with a historic policy to make sure the march passes off peacefully

Press release – UK: IHRC addresses Metropolitan Police over anti-Muslim statements

It is shocking to see the head of community engagement for the Metropolitan police effectively criminalise legitimate religious and political views

Press release: Police anti terror drive destined to fail

Counter-terrorism officers intend to inform people at schools, universities, airports, shopping centres, cinemas and farms about terrorism

Press release: Businessman will not face criminal charges over anti-Zionist poster

IHRC is writing to the Metropolitan Police borough commander demanding an explanation

London police taken to court over discrimination

London Metropolitan police taken to court over failure to address complaints of discrimination against Muslims under counter-terrorism legislation 

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