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Talk with Leading Dutch Writer Abdelkader Benali

Thursday, 9 October at 7pm

Alert: Morocco – Dozens of Islamic schools shut down

Following statements made by a religious leader in Morocco, authorities have ordered the closure of dozens of religious schools in the country.

Morocco: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

Concerns over freedom of association in Morocco, and persecution of members of JSM.

PRESS RELEASE: New Briefing: Retraction of freedom of expression in Morocco:...

A look at the worrying state of affairs within Morocco concerning freedom of expression. This briefing is particularly potent at a time of continuously persistent and increasing state repression.

Freedom of Expression in Morocco: Retraction of freedom of expression in...

This briefing details the restrictions to the freedom of expression in the kingdom of Morocco. It also investigates the cultural and political factors involved, and the nature of the sensitive issues that are restricted within the country.

The Morocco 12

Campaign pack for twelve Moroccan students imprisoned for 15 years for being part of the JSM, a non-violent Islamic organisation.

Alert: Morocco Prisoners of Faith Pack Now Available

The latest campaign pack available for download is 'The Moroccan 12.' It brings to light the extraordinary suffering of twelve students in Morocco who have been imprisoned for the past fifteen years.

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