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US must rein in Israel’s nuclear arms

Obama needs to spell it out to the Israeli government: your weapons of mass destruction are just as dangerous as Iran's

Forwarded Alert: UK/USA – A Public Independent Inquiry must be Held...

Demand an end to British involvement in extraordinary rendition and firm assurances, backed by evidence, that the UK is no longer involved in any way.

Muslim groups: ‘Arab League must act on Darfur’

The Arab League must do more to address the killings in Darfur according to an appeal issued today (Friday) by an unprecedented coalition of Muslim groups.

Forwarded Alert from the 1990 Trust: The British Government must apologise

The 1990 Trust have written to Tony Blair asking for a formal apology for Britain's role in the enslavement, brutality and murder of millions of Africans as a result of the slave trade, and a memorial day on August 23rd.

The 7/7 Backlash: How and Why YOu Must Report Hate Crimes

Interview with IHRC\'s Fahad Ansari and Beena Faridi regarding hate crimes and how to deal with it.

The 7/7 Backlash: How and Why You Must Report Hate Crimes

Interview with IHRC's Fahad Ansari and Beena Faridi.

Must Read – ‘British Anti-Terrorism: A Modern Day Witch-hunt’, new report...

Fahad Ansari revisits Britain\'s anti-terrorism policies a year after his report, \'Terror in the Name of Anti-Terrorism\'.

Press Release: BNP Fascists Must be Banned

IHRC calls for the official banning of the racist and Islamophobic British National Party

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