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The visit to Trandum

An update from Palestinerleir.no about Mohammed's detention pending possible deportation.

Arrest and threat of deportation at Norway Palestinian Refugee Camp

Dana Mahmood reports on breaking news that one of the refugees has been picked up by Norwegian authorities for deportation.

Prominent activist profiled on SAS Airlines, removed from flight

Dana Mahmood reports how Engineer Fadil Suleiman head of Bridges, was thrown out of an SAS airplane while taking a domestic flight on 2 November 2011.

Palestinian refugees suffering rejection and homelessness in Oslo

There are some 45 homeless Palestinian refugees living on the cold streets of Oslo, Norway.

Reflections on Norway’s Terror Attacks

Iffit Qureshi on the terror attacks in Norway.

Norway’s Tragedy Illustrates Europe’s Political Paradox

Dr. Abdul Wahid reflects on how one man has committed mass murder, but exposed a host of contradictions for an entire continent.

Forwarded Alert: Palestine – Mohammed Othman, Palestine’s first Boycott, Divestment and...

Palestinian human rights activist arrested by Israeli authorities at the Allenby Crossing.

URGENT ALERT: Protest Nikab ban in Norway

Protest against denial of fundamental rights including the freedom to practice one's religion and the right to education.

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